What is this adventure, how did it start ?

The concept

On the terrace of a bistro, drinking a coffee, this is where it all started. Faced with rapid changes in our environment and especially a mixed awareness of the misdeeds of tourism, due to a lack of information, we decided to embark on an awareness project of current tourism.
That's why we created this online guide for responsible and supportive tourism: travel the planet differently.

What is our motto ?

As a lover of foreign and local cultures, fauna and flora, travel and meetings, we decided to focus our project on 3 pillars: Awareness, demonstration and restitution !
Raising awareness on the harmful effects of current tourism, but also on good practices to have, via our website.
Demonstration, in the field, making you live an intense journey, under the sign of respect for society.
Return of our learning, through forums and conferences, for everyone, from 7 to 77 years old.

What we offer ?

On this website and through our means of communication, we will endeavor to give everyone alternatives so that you can make your own responsible travel, as you see fit. More than giving the solution, that we certainly do not have, we prefer to offer lines of reflection, based on the findings of our current society, so that everyone become aware of the actions to be taken to make it sustainable. Our responsible tips will therefore be available as well as ways to organize your trip according to the chosen format.
Finally, our trip, as an example of eco-responsible tourism, will be available on this website, in real time.

For who ?

For anyone curious, looking for new adventures or simply more responsible trips with our environment. Our articles are always written in an educational spirit, pushing reflection about "how travel differently", in oder to improve our impact on our environment. The actions being independent from the price and tastes of each, each person can put them in place, whatever his income and his desires.
Our actions touch any receptive person on this subject and on any type of travel, near or far from your home.

How to implement this change?

By sharing this concept around you. By communicating with your loved ones. By speaking about it at work. Always with the aim of bringing about a constructive debate.

How to join the community of Eco-Trotters ?
For a partnership or for any question, contact us by mail contact@ecofortrip.fr or via Instagram
Question the journey and think differently.

Our partners

Come and discover our partner associations to understand their actions! Reforestation, cleaning, animals ... Everything is presented here.

In the media