Presentation of CleanDive Tenerife

An organization that offers to clean the seabed.

CleanDive Tenerife

Or, how to protect unknown places ?

The cleandive you know? In the Canary Islands several people have head to create a somewhat special intervention group. Meet, dive and clean the seabed damaged and polluted by tourists parading on the island year round. Most of the time instructors or diving instructors, these cleaners seas also raise awareness with novices.

During baptisms and qualifying courses, a large part is devoted to respect of nature. Remove visible waste on our way during a recreational immersion, this is a simple and concrete action , which these divers do not promote like the others close to their customers. Do not feed animals, whatever they are, is another value they carry on their outings at sea. Finally, more generally, they advocate respect for this little-known environment of all of which are often undermined by the uninitiated.

Their wish? Like cleanwalkers on beaches, cleandivers seek to make these less accessible (but heavily polluted) areas that are cleaner . "Tourists do not see not what's underneath. And if they don't see, then there is nothing. That's on it that we have to work to show people the diversity that lies before them, " one of the group members explains to us.

But all of this work only makes sense if all travelers are aware of their impact and stop destroying this habitat incomparably rich in flora and fauna marine.

If you want to take actions with them, or meet local divers who can tell you about the deterioration of the seabed, contact Marco for example, who will be able to make you live dives from a small village on the west coast, Alcalá, and share with you his knowledge.

Finally, to finish, here is a quick question! Do you know why it shouldn't not feed wild animals (marine or not)?
to prevent that they become dependent on humans or are contaminated with foodstuffs unsuitable for their diet.

So with EcoForTrip we invite you to participate in this beautiful project, by going to clean seas and take care of it.

To support this action it is here : >> <<

And to go further : Have a look to this record who will have the merit of changing things and minds.

26/12/19 | By Tristan du Tertre

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